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Provides an integration TeamCity and test frameworks. Usage: - Create a test project, for example using the command line: dotnet new xunit - Add the NuGet reference to this package
A library for writing console applications. Extends Mono.Options to support separate commands from one console application.
The Command Dispatcher pattern is an addition to the Command design pattern that decouples the dispatcher for a service from its execution. A Command Dispatcher component maps commands to handlers. A Command Processor pattern provides a framework for handling orthogonal concerns such as logging,... More information
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  • last updated 7/30/2018
  • Latest version: 1.2.5
  • WCF Message
PDF.NET (PWMIS Develope Framework for .net) Message Service Framework Server Host,Build Message Service Runtime Host.
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  • Latest version: 1.2.2
  • WCF Message
PDF.NET (PWMIS Develope Framework for .net) MSF(Message Service Framework) Client Lib
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  • Latest version: 0.3.0
  • flash message
Provides a foundation for managing flash messages.
https://devlib.codeplex.com/ parse command line arguments DevLib is a highly reusable collection of components and core functionalities addressing common crosscutting concerns. It provides a comprehensive set of features that save development time, minimize costs, reduce the use of precious test... More information