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A combinatorics library providing combinations, permutations & variations. This nuget package wraps up Adrian Akison's original implementation. See: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/26050/Permutations-Combinations-and-Variations-using-C-G
KaosCombinatorics is a .NET library that provides classes for generating combinations, k-combinations, multicombinations, k-multicombinations, permutations, k-permutations, and products that are ordered and ranked. These sequences of integers may be used to permute (rearrange) other lists of... More information
Did you ever got frustrated about the limitations of Enums? Ever needed an Enum that supports Strings? Or your custom type? Did you ever wonder why you can't add any instance methods and properties to an Enum? Do you like to be able to enumerate over all members, ask their names, values and... More information