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.NET Standard library for classifying pornographic images, ported from Yahoo's open NSFW. This library uses libjpeg-turbo because jpeg decoding remains a major bottleneck to most operations. The license for libjpeg-turbo can be found... More information
XTextCategorizer is a binary, supervised learning text classifier, using Convolutional Neural Network architecture Usage: 1) Creates a new instance of TextCategorizer 2) Calls Train(samples) to train the text categorizer 3) Calls Predict(samples) to make prediction You can also save/load the... More information
JohnE5 (based on everyone's favorite Short Circuit character) uses a weighted word association multi-category classifier concept which is ideal for training text taxonomization models. The project is open source and is designed to be an entry point into understanding the mechanics of machine... More information
Working with Python and the Machine Learning and Data Science ecosystem is fun, but when it comes to deployment, you may not want to have to use Python. The goal of this repository (and its siblings) is to address this need; you can experiment and train models in the rich Python ecosystem, but... More information