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Library for parsing and assembling LDAP packets This library can be used to create an LDAP server that can be used to support legacy applications that require an LDAP backend. The use cases are for example, authentication (Ldap bind) or user/membership lookup against an arbitrary database. For an... More information
GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET is a flexible library that allows you to generate documents by filling out merge fields in PDF or Word templates with data obtained from a DB or user input. The library can be of great help if you need to generate lots of custom documents that have a standard template,... More information
3-Heights™ PDF Merge Split is a fast and robust API for merging and splitting PDF documents. It allows you to merge pages from multiple PDFs into one document as well as splitting a PDF into several documents. Ideal for automating your business processes. Suitable for single and bulk document... More information
3-Heights™ PDF Toolbox is a fast and robust API for assembling PDF documents from various sources, creating PDF documents from scratch and modifying PDF documents. It also offers numerous features for programmatically filling, editing, extracting and flattening form fields. Ideal for automating... More information