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Provide client side utilities for networking .NET related projects such as: Discover your own external address.
A library containing a few classes with dealing with network file transfers [Note: This library is not quite ready for public consumption--I'm in the middle of some code reorganization]
A somewhat performant networking library written in C#. Helps you create well structured networking applications faster and easier.
Class library for communication using the XMPP protocol. Library contains both client-to-server and component-to-server communication classes. Classes can be extended freely by external modules. XMPP Extensions supported by the library by default include: XEP-0004: Data Forms XEP-0030: Service... More information
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NetStructs provides C# structures to represent various entities commonly used in networking, most notably IP addresses and ports. These structures are designed to be blittable with the data structures used in low-level operating system networking calls (ie, the Linux socket interface and WinSock... More information
MonoX is a Free ASP.NET CMS and Social Networking Platform MonoX provides tools for quick and intuitive construction of dynamic and fully editable ASP.NET portals, social networks and similar Web applications. For more details, please download the user manual.