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Recommended Google client library to access the Translation API. It wraps the Google.Apis.Translate.v2 client library, making common operations simpler in client code. The Translate API translates text from one language to another.
Globalize provides number formatting and parsing, date and time formatting and parsing, currency formatting, message formatting (ICU message format pattern), and plural support. Globalize is based on the Unicode Consortium's Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR), the largest and most extensive... More information
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  • Yandex Translate
Translates using Yandex Translate Api, requires an api key. Fork it on GitHub: https://github.com/ardaozkal/YandexTranslator-CSharp
The goal of this procjet is facilitate asp.net backend localization of your sites. It helps to translate texts to different languages by predefined dictionaries. It was inspired by @ngx-translate https://github.com/ngx-translate/core
Public preview release of Amazon Translate and the Amazon Translate Developer Guide. For more information, see the Amazon Translate Developer Guide.