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Alert Bar WPF UserControl
This is a WPF usercontrol for displaying user updates through an alert bar. There are four types of alerts: success, danger, warning or information. The color scheme and icons for each are based on the type. The usercontrol only takes up space whenever a message is being shown, otherwise sits at a... More information
AgileDesign Environment Diagnostics
Environment and configuration diagnostics utilities class library for status pages. We believe it is a single the most important thing to have setup on any project with complex environment dependencies and configuration. See Status Page project on http://agiledesignutilities.codeplex.com/ for an... More information
Body Status
How can we calculate the status of anyone`s body? or how can we find out which weight is good for someone? This library has two functions to let your app calculate & return the status of users body with a weight suggestions service
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  • Service Status
Standardizes and simplifies the addition of a service status endpoint on web sites, or APIs.