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Consuming RESTful Web services that seemlessly support your data in a variety of representation media types and abstract away the low-level details of the client-server communication is not an easy task without a good toolkit. Connect RESTful Web Services Framework is a open source, it is a powerful... More information
Jql is a url friendly query language which has the capability to directly generate a linq expression.
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A simple set of classes for building sync/async RESTful API clients
TakeIo.Client connects to take.io platform and enables you to access the RESTful API in a very simple manner. Refer to the online documentation for more info.
Simple .NET client for RESTful services which works with HTTP status codes.
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This package allows developers to make requests upon a web api in which they can recieve back a JSon string, Stream, or dynamic object
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Simple.HttpPatch implementation for .NET to easily allow & apply partial REST-ful service (through Web API)