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A .net lib with common win32 values/types/routines for interop/pinvoke.
Libvirt supports: The KVM/QEMU Linux hypervisor The Xen hypervisor on Linux and Solaris hosts. The LXC Linux container system The OpenVZ Linux container system The User Mode Linux paravirtualized kernel The VirtualBox hypervisor The VMware ESX and GSX... More information
Shared methods, structures and constants for use throughout the Vanara.PInvoke assemblies. Includes: * IEnumerable helpers for COM enumerations * Custom marshaler for CoTaskMem pointers * Enhanced error results classes for HRESULT, Win32Error and NTStatus * Standard windows.h macros (e.g. HIWORD,... More information
A .Net library for managing native DLLs at run-time. This library provides the ability to call procedures from native DLLs without knowing the names of the procedures or libraries that you are going to use while compiling.
Classes for user interface related items derived from the Vanara PInvoke libraries. Includes extensions for almost all common controls to give post Vista capabilities, WinForms controls (panel, commandlink, enhanced combo boxes, IPAddress, split button, trackbar and themed controls),... More information
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WInterop portable P/Invoke library. Provides portable access to a number of Windows APIs and helpers for writing additional P/Invokes.