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Open source project .NET DllExport (aka 3F/DllExport) https://github.com/3F/DllExport 🚀 Quick start: https://github.com/3F/DllExport/wiki/Quick-start 🔖 How to. Unmanaged C++ / C# / Java: https://youtu.be/QXMj9-8XJnY... More information
Customizable VisualStudio .sln parser, Complex support of the projects (.vcxproj, .csproj., …), Pluginable lightweight r/w handlers at runtime, and more … 1. 🌌 We're providing most convenient work with projects, their dependencies, their lazy loading, any folders, any items, references,... More information
Ascetic aggregative repeater for loggers etc. Used in SobaScript, E-MSBuild, MvsSln, Conari, vsSolutionBuildEvent, ... ======================================= gnt /p:ngpackages="LSender/1.15.0" ================== https://github.com/3F/GetNuTool Build info: S_NUM:... More information