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"Syringe is simple engine for post build IL level assembly processing. It serves as a bridge between IL code weaving logic (implemented in separate dll) and target project's build process. Syringe uses MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) to collect every class exported as ICodeAmpoule contract and... More information
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  • Mono Cecil Assembly
This small library uses cecil to inspect MSIL code found in .NET assemblies instead of `Assembly.Load` which ensures that you do not have to load it's dependencies beforehand. This is particularly useful if you just want to know what .NET target framework an assembly is targeting... More information
Blur by: Jee
Blur provides a fluent and minimalistic way to edit assemblies from the inside, using Mono.Cecil: - Expression / Method printing to MethodBody. - Compile-time mixins. - Custom attributes.
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  • Fody pdb mono cecil
Removes the .pdb file before the Fody task is invoked because Fody crashes with: MSBUILD : error : Fody: An unhandled exception occurred: MSBUILD : error : Exception: MSBUILD : error : Out of memory MSBUILD : error : StackTrace: MSBUILD : error : at (wrapper alloc) System.Object:AllocVector... More information