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Implementation of the Money Value Object to support representing moneys in the currencies defined in the ISO 4217 standard.
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  • ASN.1 ASN PeNet
Asn1 is a tool for parsing and formating ASN1 files.
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  • ASN.1
ASN.1 encoding/decoding library, supporting the BER, DER and PER encodings.
CountryCode ISO3166, CurrencyCode ISO4217, GICS, S and P classifications, etc etc used throughout various iayos projects, containing lookup values for market-related ISO lookups.
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  • ISO3166-1
This package provides a list of countries including their official 2 digit country code as per specification ISO 3166. Data is fetched from http://data.okfn.org/data.
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  • ASN.1 ASN
Asn1 is a tool for parsing and formating ASN1 files.
C# library for cyrillic-latin transliteration by GOST 7.79-2000 (ISO 9) System B (only for slavik languages). Both direction transliteration is supported: cyrillic to latin and latin to cyrillic. Supported languages: Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Makedonian.