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ILGPU compiler and runtime library for convenient and high-performance GPU programming in .Net. Samples can be found in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/m4rs-mt/ILGPU.Samples
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  • last updated 1/24/2021
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • clr gc cpu thread
A plug-in that counts the usage of .NET application resources, including: CPU usage, GC, thread status, support for obtaining status information through web requests (access paths and authentication can be customized), and data will be returned in JSON format.
iCPUID is a lightweight cross-platform implementation that allows us to obtain the CPUID information. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
本类库提供了软件注册码辅助类、性能计数器操作辅助类、物理硬件相关操作辅助类、性能计数器等实用辅助工具类;简单实用、舒心易用,是您开发中的必备利器。 内置多个独立的版本(net20, net40, net45, net472, netcoreapp3.1, net5.0)。 NOTE:... More information
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  • last updated 5/9/2022
  • Latest version: 2.5.0
  • tensor cpu
A tensor libaray based on CPU. It includes many operations and can be used for neural networks