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  • BSTAR Mango BIM
Provides supports semantic loading and saving IFC models and related formats. Commonly used types include IfcStore IfcValidator DefaultModelProviderFactory XbimReferencedModel
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  • Latest version: 1.0.15
IFCModel - модель, представленная в файле SharpDXRenderer : IIFCRenderer - отображение на контроле
Xbim.WindowsUI is a library containing a set of Windows Forms and WPF controls that can be used to build Windows Xaml or forms-based applications, which can display the 3D geometry and semantic data in IFC building models.
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  • Latest version: 5.1.146
  • BIM IFC COBie Express
Provides support for spreadsheet serialization/deserialization of data stored in xBIM model generated from EXPRESS schema