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This Site Extension provides below functions: 1. Monitor target processes at background and capture memory dump files when contional exceptions happen 2. Capture memory dump when high CPU usage happened for certain duration 3. Capture memory dump when high memory usage happened 4.... More information
Azure Web Apps Disk Usage is a web based File Explorer which lists all folders for your website with size. It provides detailed information about files and folders name, size, number of files, last date modified and percentage of disk usage. This tool provides a tree like folder view for easier... More information
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Tinfoil Security scanning site extension for Azure Web Apps
A Site Extension analyzing Node.JS process with version 0.12.6 32bit and 64bit: 1. Analyze Node processes at background and genrated reports 2. Quick generate fulldump on target process in Processes tab 3. Online analyze generated dump files and create report files Refer to:... More information
This site extension installs Microsoft.AspNetCore.All, Microsoft.AspNetCore.App and Microsoft.NetCore.App shared runtimes. This package was built from the source at: https://github.com/aspnet/AzureIntegration/tree/494978973cbb43df739639203e765733888b49e3