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Bootstrap is a front-end toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites, featuring simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions. RTL Bootstrap is Right To Left Of Twitter Bootstrap For Persian, Arabic, Urdu and... More information
This package contains the default Arabic models for Catalyst. Catalyst is a Natural Language Processing library built from scratch for speed. Inspired by spaCy"s design, it brings pre-trained models, out-of-the box support for training word and document embeddings, and flexible entity recognition... More information
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  • last updated 1/16/2016
  • Latest version: 1.0.0-alpha1
  • bidi arabic dotnetgd
A class library to handle the rendering of right to left languages such as Arabic. It is used by CodeArt.DotnetGD to render RTL text as images.
فونت نسخ عربی دروید یک فونت طراحی شده برای استفاده در محصولات شرکت گوگل است که در سیستم عامل های کروم و اندروید استفاده می شود. این فونت را می توان برای استفاده در وب فارسی به عنوان یک فونت فارسی نیز استفاده کرد. توضیحات بیشتر در صفحه پروژه در سایت طراحی وب... More information
this package allow c# developers to easly exporting the html string or mvc view to a pdf file even if it written in arabic language or any rtl language
Supported Platforms: • NETStandard • NETFramework Add industry-leading OCR, MICR, OMR, ICR, barcode, forms recognition & processing, PDF, conversion (PDF, DOC, HTML, TIFF, JPG, PNG, SVG & more), archival, and annotation technology to your project. Create complete end-to-end document solutions that... More information