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Extends System.Interactive Commonly used methods: EnumerableExtensions.TryForEach() EnumerableExtensions.MinOrDefault(selector, defaultValue) EnumerableExtensions.MaxOrDefault(selector, defaultValue)
Extends Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Relational with some raw SQL methods. Directly invoke ExecuteScalar/ExecuteReader on DbContext. Bulk update and delete rows. Commonly used Types: DbContextExtensions DbSetBulkExtensions RelationalDatabaseFacadeExtensions Commonly used... More information
Extends Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer with bulk insert capabilities. Commonly used Types: DbSetBulkInsertExtensions BulkInsertOptionsExtension BulkInsertDbContextOptionsBuilderExtensions Commonly used methods: SqlBulkInsert<TEntity>(IEnumerable<TEntity>... More information
WeAreOne is a radio station family hosted in Germany. Probably the most famous radio station is the TechnoBase.FM, but there are 6 more: ClubTime.FM, CoreTime.FM, HardBase.FM, HouseTime.FM, TeaTime.FM and TranceBase.FM. With this library You can access all 7 radio's tracklist.