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Provides the composition services implementation using the System.Composition framework. Check the documentation and the samples from https://github.com/kephas-software/kephas/wiki and https://github.com/kephas-software/kephas/tree/master/Samples. Kephas Framework ("stone" in... More information
Endjin Composition Framework with Extensions for ASP.NET WebApi
Whatever the framework, component composition works the same way: you have interfaces and concrete implementations and you need to map one against the other. The Endjin Composition Framework helps you work smarter, not harder by making component composition simple. This framework supports .NET 4.0,... More information
Library for Wpf Projects. * DI (Dependency Injection) * Injector: allows to register Types, Singletons, Instances, values, auto discover types, etc.. * Navigation * Regions: change and animate the content of ContentRegion (ContentControl) and ItemsRegions (ItemsControl, TabControl, ... and... More information