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  • Xml Xsd
A "wheel" that allows you to validate an xml document against a schema.
SmartSql Schema for Intellisense(TM)
XSD file to enables Intellisense(TM) when editing SmartSql configuration files, for example in Visual Studio. Note: extensions to SmartSql will report XSD errors. Those can be ignored safely.
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  • xsd codemirror
A command line tool to convert an xsd schema to CodeMirror's schemaInfo.
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  • Latest version: 2.0.2-alpha2
  • XML XSD LinqToXsd
The LINQ to XSD technology provides .NET developers with support for typed XML programming. LINQ to XSD contributes to the LINQ project (.NET Language Integrated Query); in particular, LINQ to XSD enhances the existing LINQ to XML technology.
XMLFox XML editing and validation tool is a freeware editor for creating valid well-formed XML documents and XSD Schema.
The XObjects library ported to .NET standard that supports code generation for LinqToXsdCore and also avails an API for generated code and projects that use said generated code. Use this library in shipping apps + libraries; use LinqToXsdCore to generate code. Original Authors: Microsoft... More information
A command line tool that facilitates generating code from an XSD; also generates configuration files to control code generation. Do not include this nuget package as a dependency in shipping applications or libraries; use the code it generates in a shipping library or app and include a dependency on... More information