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A 100% managed code library to generate Excel .xlsx Workbooks. Can be safely used on a server, no COM Interop or other unsafe/unsupported operations.
This is a version of FlexCel that runs in dotnetcore. There is no graphics support (rendering, exporting to pdf, etc) until a graphics library is official for dotnetcore.
XlsToEf is a library you can use to help you import rows from excel files into your entities and then save right to the database with Entity Framework. It includes components to take care of most of the mechanical work of an import, and also includes several helper functions that you can use in your... More information
TableIO provides same interaface for reading and writing csv, excel(xls, xlsx) and other table format content.
Biblioteca que gera uma planilha excel a partir de uma lista de objeto. Super Prático. " //Trecho de código de exemplo public class Pessoa { public int Id { get; set; } public string Nome { get; set; } } public class Program { static void Main(string[] args) {... More information