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HTML helpers to allow easier rendering of Markdown in an ASP.NET MVC web app: @Html.Markdown(Model.Body)
The generic report support for the Cake.Issues addin for Cake allows you to create issue reports in any text format (HTML, Markdown, ...). This addin provides the aliases for any text based report format. It also requires the core Cake.Issues and Cake.Issues.Reporting addins and one or more issue... More information
This is the core for CatFactory engine and the base for child packages. This package allows to define CLR objects and database objects.
Showdown is a Javascript Markdown to HTML converter, based on the original works by John Gruber. Showdown can be used client side (in the browser) or server side (with NodeJs).
Lightweight .NET component for programmatically generating Markdown. Useful for producing rich diagnostic logs with minimal dependencies.
WebHelpers .Net Html Helper Utilities
Web/Html Helper Class Library. Markdown Parser / Html Santizer Example: using StackExchange.DataExplorer.Helpers; Convert Markdown to Html: var html = HtmlUtilities.RawToCooked(form["markdown"]) Santize / Normalize Html: @Html.Raw(HtmlUtilities.Safe(html))
Generate project documentation using Markdown and allow integrating code snippet from the source code being built. Code snippet are always up-to-date.