SiteSeeker.ViewEngine.Examples 4.2.9251-beta

SiteSeeker ViewEngine examples

This is a prerelease version of SiteSeeker.ViewEngine.Examples.
Install-Package SiteSeeker.ViewEngine.Examples -Version 4.2.9251-beta
dotnet add package SiteSeeker.ViewEngine.Examples --version 4.2.9251-beta
<PackageReference Include="SiteSeeker.ViewEngine.Examples" Version="4.2.9251-beta" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add SiteSeeker.ViewEngine.Examples --version 4.2.9251-beta
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Release Notes
*Fixed issue that masked the real exception when logged (TFS#116001)
*Added ability to resize the autocomplete drop down (TFS#110543)
*Fixed issue with facet ordering (TFS#116426)
*Changed default WCF timeout values to 1 minute and added ability to configure timeouts in the SiteSeekerSearchIndexConfiguration (TFS#114032)
*Fixed issue with permissions in EPiServer when notifications are enabled and scheduled job creates or move content (TFS#112867)
*Relaxed the configuration restrictions for intersection and multiple-choice facets when the facets don't exist (TFS#113428)
*Fixed caching issue that caused further issues with http handlers like autocomplete and click-tracking (TFS#113478)
*Fixed thread safety issue that could happen after a re-index (TFS#107996)
*Fixed issue with access rights in scheduled jobs when notifications are enabled (TFS#112867)
*Performance improvement in DefaultCrawlerAuthenticator in SiteSeeker.EPiServer assembly
*Fixed issue where content could not be published to EPiServer if SiteSeeker server is unreachable (TFS#109441)
*Fixed issue with autocomplete dropdown width not adjsuting if browser is resized. (TFS#110543)
*Fixed issue with slow loading of embedded javascripts (TFS#110773)
*Fixed issue with exceptions being thrown after re-indexing of Siteseeker index (TFS#107996)
*Fixed issue when SiteSeeker.EPiServer PagePlugin executes in the wrong context. (TFS#107995)
*Fixed issue with incorrect url for the SiteSeeker plugin in EPiServer when the site is configured as a virtual application.
*Fixed issue with special characters passed unescaped to the SiteSeeker notification service (TFS#108610)
*Fixed issue with Danish facet value not showing under Language facet. (TFS #106246)
*Fixed issue with nesting of custom Razor template inside a SiteSeeker template
*Fixed a relative url issue with SiteSeeker plugin in EPiServer v5 not showing if the site is configured as a virtual application
*Fixed issue where http authentication headers were not submitted when 'Login required' was enabled in SiteSeeker
*Fixed issue with including a custom user defined Razor template inside a SiteSeeker template
*Fixed issue with meta tags duplication.
*Fixed issue with setting permissions on folder of blocks in EPiServer 7 (#5673)
*Fixed issue where html helper method MetaTags threw an exception because of a different implementation of PageReference in EPiServer 7
*Fixed issue with uiUrl case sensitivity and incorrect SiteSeeker shell url in EPiServer
*Fixed issue with double encoding of a click tracking url (#5616)
*Fixed a serious performance issue with SiteSeeker ViewEngine
*Fixed issue with OperationContext that changed globally (#5656)
*Fixed an issue when modifying the user-agent header
*Fixed a serious performance issue caused by unnecessary web service calls.
*Official release for SiteSeeker view engine with Razor syntax
*You can read more about it here:
*Fixed a serious memory leak.
*Return a 500 Internal Server Error status code if an exception occurs in an HttpHandler. (#5610)
*Fixed an issue with notifications for ACL modifications in EPiServer 7.
*Fixed issue with inability to delete EPiServer 7 blocks in edit mode after installing SiteSeeker.EPiServer module. (#5632)
*Added the ability to set the MaxLengthTextExtract on a SearchRequest. Useful for example mobile scenarios. (#5316)
*Example projects updated to show the best practice of using javascript helpers.
*Fixed an issue with TabFacets not rendering correctly if ResultFacetList is called before TabFacets. (#5600)
*Important: Breaking change introduced by this fix (#5600). Please see
*Updated pre-release support for SiteSeeker view engine with Razor syntax.
*Fixed an issue with incorrect version string sent to SiteSeeker in a search request.
*Enhanced the version string to include EPiServer and .Net Framework versions.
*Added pre-release support for SiteSeeker view engine with Razor syntax.
*Fixed pagination not being reset when clicking on facet value
*Fixed issue with autocomplete javascript not using the correct dynamic selector
*Fixed issue with the SiteSeeker crawler being redirected if an EPiServer url didn't have a trailing slash
*Enhanced SiteSeeker notifications in EPiServer to ignore pages in the waste basket
*Fixed issue with string and integer indexers on the Results property of a NullSearchResponse
*Fixed issue with SiteSeeker plugin not loading in EPiServer 5
*Fixed breaking change between and related to css style names ess-searchbox and ess-searchbutton
*Added autocomplete support for two search boxes on the same page
*Added QuickAndAdvancedSearchAutocomplete.aspx to example mvc and webforms projects
*Enhanced SiteSeeker notifications in EPiServer to handle moved and deleted pages
*Fixed issue with the path not being a valid virtual path if uiUrl is configured as an absolute url
*Fixed issue with notification event that still fired on publish for a scheduled page
*Added support to correctly handle autocomplete suggestions with html encoded special characters.
*Deprecated the BeginFacetTabs method and renamed it to FacetTabs for clarity
*Improved the styling of the SiteSeeker shell module in EPiServer
*Fixed issue where SiteSeeker notifications did not fire in EPiServer when browsing with 'localhost'
*Fixed issue where SiteSeeker shell module did not redirect to EPiServer login page after session timeout
*Fixed issue with crawler authentication for the filemetadata.siteseeker http handler that didn't work
*Fixed intellisense in VS for release assemblies SiteSeeker and SiteSeeker.EPiServer
*Fixed autocomplete compatibility issue with jQuery 1.9
*Updated embedded jQuery to 1.9
*Updated the article about logging.
*Fixed issue with EPiServer running under a non-default port causing publish events not to fire
*Fixed issue with modification of an existing page in EPiServer not firing a notification event to SiteSeeker
*Fixed issue where notification to SiteSeeker didn't properly honour excluded paths
*Performance improvements for authorization filters
*Added support for the legacy SiteSeeker/FileInformation.aspx script (#5514)
*Fixed issue with pagination and facet values that were not reset when clicking on tab facets or refinements links (#5500)
*Fixed issue with incorrect numbering of results on subsequent pages
*Fixed issue with empty query in examples
*Fixed issue with SiteSeeker tab not showing in EPiServer 6.0.x.x
*Fixed issue with autocomplete not working in certain scenarios where html helper is used in a web user control
*Added the ability to control the log level through config file or in code
*Added the ability to specify the location of the log file through config file or in code
*Added logging of soap messages.
*Fixed issue with overriding Configure method of EPiServerFileMetaDataCommand (#5460)
*Added live logs viewer to SiteSeeker integration in EPiServer
*Added additional logging information
*Removed external SiteSeeker log4net config file
*Improved EPiServer authorization filter
*Fixed issue with deleting EPiServer page
*Fixed issue with tcp connection closed unexpectedly by server
*Fixed issue with HtmlHelpers causing website to hang when index is down.
*Added Automatic indexing support for EPiServer for published and deleted pages
*Added EPiServer indexing job to ensure scheduled pages are indexed
*Added EPiServer shell module integration (Statistics and Diagnostics)
*Fixed castle proxy issue (#5448)
*Fixed issue with duplicate html meta tags
*Added gzip compression for stylesheets and javascripts.
*Added stylesheet minification. Use SiteSeeker_Css(bool minified).
*Reduced the number of javascript and stylesheet links rendered by the Html helpers.
*Added a far future Expires header on css, js and image responses.
*Introduced new url formats for the previous http handler h.siteseeker.
*Fixed an issue with the session id that never change between different sessions if caching is enabled.

Breaking Changes:
*SiteSeeker.EPiServer.ICrawlerAuthenticator.HasAccess(HttpContextBase) is replaced with SiteSeeker.EPiServer.ICrawlerAuthenticator.HasAccess(CommandData).
*SiteSeeker.UI.ClickRegistrationHandler is replaced with SiteSeeker.UI.ClickTrackingCommand
*SiteSeeker.UI.QueryCompletionHandler is replaced with SiteSeeker.UI.QueryCompletionCommand
*SiteSeeker.EPiServer.FileMetaDataHandler is replaced with SiteSeeker.EPiServer.SiteSeeker.EPiServer.EPiServerFileMetaDataCommand
*SiteSeeker.UI.HtmlHelper.GetCssLink(String) is replaced with SiteSeeker.UI.HtmlHelper.GetCssLink(List<Stylesheets>,boolean)
*SiteSeeker.UI.HtmlHelper.GenerateCSSScriptLink(String) is replaced with SiteSeeker.UI.UrlBuilder.CreateEmbeddedStylesheetUrl(String,Stylesheets[],Boolean)
*SiteSeeker.UI.HtmlHelper.GenerateJSScriptLink(String) is replaced with SiteSeeker.UI.UrlBuilder.CreateEmbeddedJavascriptUrl(String,JavaScripts[],Boolean)
*Added release notes to NuGet packages
*Changed the version format from 4.2.0.xx to 4.2.xx.1
*Fixed issue with Age filtering not working
*Fixed issue with log4net ambiguous reference
* Added support for Norwegian (#5034)
* Added Checkboxes for multiple-choice
and intersection facets rendered with
the HTML helper ResultFacetList.
* Removed dependency to log4net.
* Fixed byte order marker issue when indexing files (#5389)
* Improved memory management
* Added ability to configure permissions
for the diagnostics page. Read more about this here
* Added the ability to log exceptions in order to troubleshoot and diagnose problems. Read more about this here
* Fixed issue with page load registration for non javascript clients, e.g bots. (#5377)
* Fixed issue with exceptions on worker threads not being exposed to main thread.
* Fixed an issue with asynchronous operations that are not allowed in certain contexts. (#5418)
* Fixed issue with an incorrect version number that is sent from the integration module via the web service. The version number is used for logging and diagnostics, and does not affect searching or indexing.
* Added a Diagnostics Page. Read more about integration module diagnostics here.


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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
4.2.9251-beta 518 3/31/2015
4.2.9248-beta 373 3/25/2015
4.2.9144-beta 685 11/12/2014
4.2.9143-beta 868 11/10/2014
4.2.9142-beta 680 11/10/2014
4.2.9141-beta 426 8/22/2014
4.2.9140-beta 384 8/22/2014
4.2.9039-beta 401 8/15/2014
4.2.9038-beta 406 8/15/2014
4.2.9036-beta 414 5/20/2014
4.2.9033-beta 407 5/20/2014
4.2.9030-beta 356 5/16/2014
4.2.8929-beta 396 5/8/2014
4.2.8928-beta 378 5/8/2014
4.2.8825-beta 379 4/9/2014
4.2.8824-beta 411 4/8/2014
4.2.8722-beta 373 4/1/2014
4.2.8721-beta 391 4/1/2014
4.2.8720-beta 403 3/31/2014
4.2.8719-beta 401 3/31/2014
4.2.8612-beta 378 3/14/2014
4.2.8611-beta 398 3/14/2014
4.2.8610-beta 370 3/11/2014
4.2.8609-beta 366 2/24/2014
4.2.8608-beta 408 2/20/2014
4.2.8607-beta 447 2/19/2014
4.2.8606-beta 395 2/19/2014
4.2.8505-beta 384 1/27/2014
4.2.8404-beta 397 12/2/2013
4.2.8320-beta 426 10/8/2013
4.2.843-beta 385 11/27/2013
4.2.842-beta 397 11/18/2013
4.2.841-beta 423 11/12/2013 855 11/17/2014 477 8/15/2014 437 5/8/2014 441 4/9/2014 402 4/1/2014 474 3/14/2014 461 1/27/2014 463 12/2/2013 457 10/8/2013
4.2.83-beta4 452 8/30/2013
4.2.83-beta3 405 9/25/2013
4.2.83-beta19 390 10/1/2013
4.2.83-beta18 402 9/30/2013
4.2.83-beta16 424 9/30/2013
4.2.83-beta15 379 9/24/2013
4.2.83-beta1 411 7/24/2013 548 6/28/2013
4.2.82-beta9 415 6/28/2013 479 6/14/2013
4.2.81-beta7 454 6/14/2013
4.2.81-beta4 486 6/13/2013
4.2.81-beta3 417 6/11/2013 479 5/30/2013
4.2.80-beta2 419 5/30/2013
4.2.80-beta1 469 5/30/2013 469 5/24/2013
4.2.79-beta8 424 5/24/2013
4.2.79-beta7 430 5/23/2013
4.2.79-beta6 409 5/23/2013
4.2.79-beta5 415 5/21/2013 481 5/17/2013
4.2.78-beta4 419 5/17/2013
4.2.78-beta3 469 5/16/2013
4.2.78-beta2 426 5/13/2013 483 5/8/2013
4.2.77-beta1 430 5/8/2013
4.2.76-beta4 417 5/3/2013
4.2.76-beta3 410 5/2/2013
4.2.75-beta26 420 4/23/2013
4.2.75-beta2 485 4/26/2013
4.2.74-beta25 439 4/22/2013
4.2.71-beta24 424 4/22/2013
4.2.71-beta22 449 4/18/2013
4.2.71-beta21 418 4/17/2013
4.2.71-beta20 477 4/16/2013
4.2.71-beta19 435 4/15/2013
4.2.71-beta18 417 4/12/2013
4.2.71-beta17 439 4/12/2013
4.2.71-beta16 450 4/11/2013
4.2.71-beta15 418 4/10/2013
4.2.71-beta14 458 4/9/2013
4.2.71-beta13 437 3/28/2013
4.2.70-beta9 431 3/27/2013
4.2.70-beta8 422 3/27/2013
4.2.70-beta7 430 3/26/2013
4.2.70-beta6 421 3/26/2013
4.2.70-beta5 420 3/26/2013
4.2.70-beta4 417 3/26/2013
4.2.70-beta3 424 3/26/2013
4.2.70-beta2 422 3/25/2013
4.2.70-beta12 421 3/28/2013
4.2.70-beta1 422 3/25/2013