Monaco.Template.Solution 1.2.1

dotnet new install Monaco.Template.Solution::1.2.1
This package contains a .NET Template Package you can call from the shell/command line.

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Monaco is a .NET solution template that provides the scaffolding for a .NET solution based on the Vertical Slices Architecture.

It ships the most basic structure required to run a REST API with EF Core and a rich model Domain, along with unit tests to cover the existing boilerplate.

It also provides some basic business components as example of real life implementation logic.

Getting Started

Supported .NET version:



dotnet new install Monaco.Template.Solution


dotnet new uninstall Monaco.Template.Solution

How to create a Monaco based solution

dotnet new monaco-solution -n MyFirstSolution

This will create a folder named MyFirstSolution, which will contain a structure of directories prefixed with the name as part of the namespace declaration. The resulting solution will include the default layout and all the files required to run the application (more info about this here)

From there, is enough to configure appsettings.json with the required settings and run the app.

Getting help about template's options

dotnet new monaco-solution --help

(For more information about Monaco options please refer here)


For more detailed documentation, please refer to our Wiki

Visual Studio support

Monaco provides support for generating the solution and projects from Visual Studio as well as providing the UI interface for configuring the project generation options.

However, it's not recommended to use VS for generating new solutions. Monaco provides a default layout for the solution with the projects organized in different folders and some solution files already included in it, but this default layout from the template is ignored by VS, which also creates an additional level of folders in the generated folder. Because of these behaviors we strongly recommend using the console for running Monaco and generating any new solutions.


If you want to contribute, we are currently accepting PRs and/or proposals/discussions in the issue tracker.

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1.0.0 215 11/3/2022
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1.0.0-RC2 43 10/26/2022
1.0.0-RC1 53 10/25/2022