Incrementalist.Cmd 0.1.4

.NET Core global tool for determining how to run incremental builds based on the current Git diff.

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dotnet tool install --global Incrementalist.Cmd --version 0.1.4
This package contains a .NET Core Global Tool you can call from the shell/command line.

Release Notes

Bugfix release for Incrementalist v0.1.3
Fixed [MSBuild graph issue where two unrelated changes in the same branch could overwrite each other in the Incrementalist output](
In the event of three concurrent MSBuild dependency graphs like these:
[A modified] Project A --> B --> C
[B modified] Project B --> C
[D modified] Project D --> E
In Incrementalist 0.1.3, you'd only see this graph: `Project A --> B --> C` because it was the longest and "covered" all of the other graphs. In Incrementalist 0.1.4 you'll now see the following build output:
Project A --> B --> C
Project D --> E
Each line represents its own independent graph, uncovered by any of the other graphs detected in the topology of the MSBuild solution.


This package has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.2.2 2,908 2/14/2020
0.2.1 5,617 11/18/2019
0.2.0 1,368 10/29/2019
0.1.7 2,653 9/9/2019
0.1.6 206 8/30/2019
0.1.5 114 8/30/2019
0.1.4 3,152 5/17/2019
0.1.3 242 5/15/2019
0.1.2 126 5/8/2019
0.1.1 113 5/8/2019
0.1.0 225 5/3/2019
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