Provides functionality related to Physical layer of CILAssemblyManipulator (CAM) framework. This is the lowest abstraction level of CAM, and the provided functionality allows directly manipulate metadata tables, rows, and signatures.
Provides functionality related to Logical layer of CILAssemblyManipulator (CAM) framework. The metadata types, methods, fields, etc are represented by high-level abstract API similar to the one in System.Reflection namespace of .NET framework. Additionally wrapping of native reflection elements... More information
Qi4CS is aimed to increase coding efficiency and productivity by introducing easily adaptive features from Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Composite Oriented Programming (COP), and Dependency Injection (DI). This is the core package required for all projects using Qi4CS.
Qi4CS Extension: Configuration is an extension of Qi4CS.Core that provides basic API for assembling composites that can be deserialized and serialized by ConfigurationManager, which is also provided by this extension. The configuration composites may have their location specified at assembling time... More information
Provides functionality related to Structural layer of CILAssemblyManipulator (CAM) framework. The metadata types, methods, fields, etc may be manipulated directly instead of indirect metadata tables, rows, signatures, and table references.
Qi4CS Extension: Functional is an extension of Qi4CS.Core that allows ways to parametrize some functionality, which is not part of original API of objects, based on types of such objects. This mapping information can be specified during assembly time and also modified during runtime.
Library containing basic abstractions to cryptography. Aims to fill the gap in cryptographic API lack in .NET Standard 1.0, and to co-operate with existing cryptographic API in other .NET frameworks.