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A minimalist C# script library for writing targets for building, analysing, testing, packaging, deploying, etc. and running them using any runner which supports the "standard" C# script dialect (as defined by csi.exe). In no way restricted to writing targets related to .NET projects. See the... More information
NOTICE: This is the last planned release of SubSpecGWT. SubSpecGWT has been renamed to You are encouraged to switch to ASAP to continue to receive the latest improvements.
NOTE: This is a temporary stand-in for Bau.Xunit during the NuGet Casing-gate affair - see A Bau task plugin for running tests. Require<Bau>().Xunit().Do(xunit =>... More information
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**simple-targets-csharp has been renamed to simple-targets-csx. This package is now just a pointer to the new package and should be uninstalled.**