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A class that does one thing: create instances of T in the fastest way possible. A higher performing drop-in replacement for `new T()` or `Activator.CreateInstance<T>()`
Attach and use properties to objects at run-time which are automatically collected after the host object is collected.
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The last .NET equality solution you'll ever need. Automatically produces equality comparison and hash-code generation for any type by emitting IL based on your type. Emitted code is cached and specialized for struct and class types. Specify fields and auto-properties to ignore, as well as properties... More information
Immutable versions of `Memory<T>` and `Span<T>`, because `ReadOnlyMemory/Span` doesn't imply the underlying memory won't be mutated. These types take sole ownership of the underlying memory and only provide a non-mutating API which closely resembles `ReadOnlyMemory/Span`.