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  • ADO.NET Database
Simplified dataaccess layer with Enterprise Library's Sql Accessor Implementation. Please visit https://github.com/Hem/SimpleNet.Data for more information
SimpleNet.Core.Data and SimpleNet.Core.Data.SqlServer are ADO.NET abstraction on .NET core platform. We use EntLib's Data Accesor like capabilities to return an array of objects instead of DataTable or DataRow
Basic contracts that are needed for SimpleNet.ServiceHost to start pluggable Windows Services - Provides Interfaces and Binding Defaults for making WCF calls using HTTP, TCP, MSMQ bindings. - Provides the Proxy layer to "Invoke" these services so you do not have to create "ServiceReferences"... More information
Config free pluggable Windows Services Framework for hosting WCF services - HTTP Binding - MSMQ Binding - TCP Binding - Duplex TCP Binding - Self Contained Backend Processes
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ADO.NET Data Access Layer Object Mapper for the .NET Framework, supports (.NET Core 2.0, .NET Standard 2.0 [PCL], .NET Framework 4.6)