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  • xmlrpc
A port of CookComputing.XmlRpcV2 for dotnet core 2.
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  • XmlRpc
XmlRpcLight is based on XmlRpc by Cook Computing, but without the http web parts and without dependency on System.Web.
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  • xmlrpc networking
A small extremely simple to use XmlRcp library Signed by signpath.io after an AppVeyor build from repository 'https://github.com/cinderblocks/XmlRpcCore' commit 'f9b889d189365966015eb828a36a22e2a85b08c7' (see contained AppVeyorSettings.json file for build settings).
Xml Rpc Server Protocol Base for .Net Standard. Use this Package to implement Xml-Rpc based Servers. Notice: If you're looking for out-of-the box server-implementations use XmlRpc.Kestrel (for Kestrel Middleware) or XmlRpc.Listener (for HttpListener) instead.