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The SoundTouch library is originally written by Olli Parviainen in c++. Although a .NET wrapper library is available, this library aims to be a complete rewrite in C# It is an open-source audio processing library that allows changing the sound tempo, pitch and playback rate parameters independently... More information
SoundStretch is a command-line tool that performs SoundTouch library effects on wave audio files. SoundStretch features: * Process .wav audio files * Broad adjustment parameter ranges: -- Tempo & Playback Rate adjustable in range -95% .. +5000% -- The sound Pitch (key) adjustable in range... More information
Neodynamic ImageDraw SDK for .NET is the definitive solution for professional imaging tasks, exclusively designed for .NET developers. ImageDraw is a lightweight royalty-free .NET component (.NET DLL Class Library a.k.a. assembly) which lets you to easily add advanced Imaging Effects and Dynamic... More information
A set of server controls (ImageDraw, ImageDrawButton, and ImageDrawMap) which generate real time on-fly Dynamic Composite Images for ASP.NET. Deliver real time dynamically generated composite images such as picture thumbnails, image buttons, image maps or any other graphical application. Main... More information