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Automatically force your ClickOnce app to update itself without prompting the user, making a less obtrusive end-user experience, and guaranteeing they are always using the latest version of the application. Adds a post-build event to the project to run a PowerShell script that updates the ClickOnce... More information
MADE.NET Data Validation comes fully loaded with all the value validators you'd expect of any validation library. Easily get up and running with data validation on value ranges, alphanumeric, email address, min/max lengths, required, regular expressions and more as well as defining your own!
A source code only package which allows you to use C# 11's required members feature in older target frameworks like .NET Standard 2.0 or the "old" .NET Framework.
Xamarin Android bindings for com.jaredrummler:android-device-names:2.0.0 used by and for the Stripe terminal SDK for Android, created by https://Xiippy.ai; the world's first and only data-rich payments provider with seamless privacy-preserving end-to-end encrypted smart receipts & rewards for all... More information
This library is one of DEFC utilities packages that contains several types of data validation methods, to help the developers minify their codes in easy way with no time. Through this package can : - Check if a value is (Alphanumeric, Alpha, GUID, Base64, NullOrEmptyOrWhiteSpace, Email,URL,... More information