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贤心的layer弹出对话框,最新版本是 3.1.1,但是有一个按回车会重复提交的bug,我(周游)已向贤心提交BUG,但老大不理我,我只好自己修复了这个BUG,出了个3.1.1.1的版本。贤心联系我随时删除此版本。
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  • Layer
Layer API .NET portable library
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  • Data Access Layer
Simple data access library for .NET. Code is inspired by peta POCO and Massive. Goal is to be able to run SQL queries and be able to return concrete objects
This library simplifies the implementation of the layer by providing an engine that converts presentation requests into business requests. In the user's point of view, he manipulates presentation objects as if they were business data. The mapping between business objects and presentation objects is... More information
Sin.Net.Domain contains a domain layer with abstractions and interfaces for any application purpose. It contains a basis for logging, data repositories and the persistence layer with import and export functionality.
A project which contains useful models for implementing or integrating with a C# service.
Simplifies Layered Application Development Contains base classes for Business Layer. A fast and optimized property mapper is included. (eg:- service.GetAll<Person>(person.Age > 25)) A Generic Business Service Interface see https://github.com/Adilcp/LayeryDemo
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  • Couch Data Layer
This will help to perform db operations on couchbase