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Simple header-only C++ ini parser, with support for default section and interpolation similar to Python's configparser.
A .NET, Mono and Unity3d compatible(*) library for reading/writing INI data from IO streams, file streams, and strings written in C#. Also implements merging operations, both for complete ini files, sections, or even just a subset of the keys contained by the files. (*)... More information
Confused is a simple library that parses .conf files (ini-style) into a easy readable dictionary.
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A simple INI file parser in C#.
WinSettings is a .NET class library that makes it easy to save and retrieve application settings on Windows. It includes three settings classes: IniSettings, which stores the settings to an INI file; XmlSettings, which stores the settings to an XML file, and RegistrySettings, which stores the... More information
Lightweight .NET INI-file parser that can easily read and write INI files. It provides direct support for string, int, double and bool setting types. In addition to reading and writing individual settings, it can return all of the sections in the INI file, and also return all the settings within a... More information