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This package contains PInvoke declarations for the (unmanaged) HDF5 1.10.x API and the native HDF5 libraries for 64-bit Linux, MacOS and Microsoft Windows built with thread-safety enabled. Full API reference documentation is provided at https://surban.github.io/HDF.PInvoke/api/HDF.PInvoke.html For... More information
.NET Standard compatible P/Invoke declarations for the unmanaged HDF5 1.10.x C-API (tested on Windows, Linux and MacOS). For documentation, see the HDF5 support page at https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/HDF5/HDF5.
  • 1,833 total downloads
  • last updated 12/13/2021
  • Latest version: 1.4.1
  • HDF Common Tool
HDF公共类库,提供基础类型的拓展和一些常用方法。 HDF public class library provides the expansion of basic types and some common methods.
HDF5 is a completely new Hierarchical Data Format product consisting of a data format specification and a supporting library implementation.
  • 194 total downloads
  • last updated 5/7/2022
  • Latest version: 1.0.2
  • HDF Common Tool Init
给SDK-Style,同时.Net版本低于.NetCore3.0的项目提供C#8.0的Index和Range特性。 To SDK style, at the same time .Net version is lower than NetCore3.0 project provides the index and range features of C#8.0.
  • 135 total downloads
  • last updated 5/6/2022
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • HDF Common Tool Init
给SDK-Style,同时.Net版本低于.Net5的项目提供C#9.0的init和record特性。 To SDK style, at the same time Net version is lower than The Net5.0 project provides the init and record features of C#9.0.