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.NET Windows Application Framework
.NET Windows Application Framework (NETWAF) is a library that enables .NET developers to build Desktop applications and Windows NT Service applications sharing a foundation that supports frequently used functionalities.
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  • Windows Services
SystemHell is a simple framework which provide you the possibility to make very quickly some Windows services easly testable and configurable.
SimpleNet ServiceHost Contracts
Basic contracts that are needed for SimpleNet.ServiceHost to start pluggable Windows Services - Provides Interfaces and Binding Defaults for making WCF calls using HTTP, TCP, MSMQ bindings. - Provides the Proxy layer to "Invoke" these services so you do not have to create "ServiceReferences"... More information
Config free pluggable Windows Services Framework for hosting WCF services - HTTP Binding - MSMQ Binding - TCP Binding - Duplex TCP Binding - Self Contained Backend Processes