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Wijmo Scaffolding in MVC
This package is MVC Scaffolding for generating Razor Views automatically enhanced with jQuery UI and Wijmo. You will need Wijmo Complete installed and referenced in order to use this scaffolding. Wijmo Complete is a commercial kit of jQuery UI widgets for building Web applications.
Epicycle.Graphics (.NET)
Epicycle .NET graphics library. Includes: Platform-independent image library and color infrastructure. * Details & release notes: https://github.com/open-epicycle/Epicycle.Graphics-cs/blob/ver- * Sources: https://github.com/open-epicycle/Epicycle.Graphics-cs/tree/ver- * Git... More information
ViewModelFactory Pattern for Xamarin.Forms
Bindable Object View Model and supporting artefacts for the Xamarin.Forms ViewModelFactory pattern VROOM implementation of MVVM, with API at www.Xamtastic.com ViewModelFactory Pattern for Xamarin.Forms is a lightweight library that affords the separation of concerns between the creation of Dynamic... More information
DataBind is a simple javascript function that facilitates binding Data from a JSON object to a HTML template. The objective of this script is to enable using templates without introducing any new or invalid syntax and without dictating the way you structure your application. All you need is a single... More information
ODN's MVC Utilities (Unity)
Package that allows MVC routes to be created via attributes, both at the controller and action levels using the Unity IoC framework. Also includes an embedded view engine adapted from an example found at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19746/views-in-separate-assemblies-in-asp-net-mvc.