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LizardTechMrSid Wrapper is a .NET Framework wrapper to help with using the unmanaged MrSid library. MrSID (pronounced Mister Sid) is an acronym that stands for multiresolution seamless image database. It is a file format developed for encoding of georeferenced raster graphics, such as orthophotos.... More information
MOLPay API library to be used with Visual Studio for ASP.NET project. This is not official library from MOLPay. For documentation, please refer to project site.
Dotnet video control for WinForms and WPF: - play multiple video clips seamlessly, - capture webcams, HDMI, Blackmagic Deckink, GIGe/Firewire cameras, ONVIF IP cameras, URL sources. - apply graphic and text overlays, - record to file - stream to the network - video mixer Multiples instances... More information