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ReCaptcha.NET MVC v2.0
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  • ReCaptcha.MVC
Wrapper .NET library for Google ReCaptcha v2.0
Generate the recaptcha for your form and validated it. 1-create Account in google recaptcha 2-get publickey/privatekey 3-set key in webconfig : ReCaptchaPrivateKey / ReCaptchaPublicKey 4- add "@using GenRecaptcha" in your View 5- add htmlhelper in the view: 5-1- @Html.recaptcha() 5-2-... More information
ReCAPTCHA MVC lets you embed a CAPTCHA in your web pages in order to protect them against spam and other types of automated abuse. The primary features of the library are: --> reCAPTCHA API verion 2.0 Support --> The color theme of the widget. (dark, light) --> The type of CAPTCHA to serve.... More information