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This is the STRONG-NAMED version of the normal Postmark NuGet Package. Leave email delivery to the experts with this plugin to bring Postmark email services to your web application. Requires a Postmark account, which you can sign up for at https://postmarkapp.com/sign_up If you don't... More information
progstr.log client library - application logging as a service
progstr.log (http://progstr.com) is a service that collects your .NET application logs and takes care of the details. It eliminates the hassle of storing and maintaining the precious data produced by your applications, helps you analyze that data, and alerts you when something goes wrong.
ASP.NET REST Services Framework
REST-service component is a server-side framework that allows easy creation and working with HTTP and REST services within any ASP.NET application, including capability to work with backend server-side .NET code via REST or HTTP services from client-side javascript or other types of client code.... More information