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Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interactions into any application using voice or text.
Amazon Lex Runtime Service Client for the AWS SDK for C++. AWS SDK for C++ provides a modern C++ (version C++ 11 or later) interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is meant to be performant and fully functioning with low- and high-level SDKs, while minimizing dependencies and providing platform... More information
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Lex are tools for generating lexical analyzer.
Eto.Parse is a highly optimized recursive decent LL(k) parser framework that can be used to create parsers for complex grammars that go beyond the capability of regular expressions. You can use BNF, EBNF, or Gold parser grammars to define your parser, code them directly using a fluent API, or use... More information
A cloud localization provider for WPF Localize Extension (https://github.com/SeriousM/WPFLocalizationExtension) to automatically translate your WPF user interface using Microsoft, Google or Yandex Translator. The provider requires Internet connection because is cloud-based. You don't need to create... More information