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  • HttpListener
Simple HttpListener Async Implementation. IListenerHandler interface implementation required in order to process manually HttpListenerContext
A fully managed HttpListener implementation extracted from Mono. It's not as complete as the .net implementation of System.Net.HttpListener, but it doesn't require Administrator rights to listen on all interfaces, making it perfect to serve http content for test servers.
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  • HttpListener Http
易于使用的HttpListener封装库,事件方式实现对客户端的请求处理。支持SSL,摘要式身份验证,客户端会话,简化的JSON POST处理方式,建议用于嵌入服务类程序作为接口使用
Before installing on Win2008 run Powershell.exe and then "Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned"! The only real alternative to IIS, UWS is a redistributable web server for Windows that can packaged with your ASP.NET web application and installed on your customers' systems along with your web app or... More information