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  • jQuery plugins cookie
A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for reading, writing and deleting cookies. NOTE: This package is maintained on behalf of the library owners by the NuGet Community Packages project at http://nugetpackages.codeplex.com/
Windows平台第三方登录和云存储插件,全面支持Windows 8.1/Windows Phone8.1/Windows Universal(Win10)系统,支持九幽、QQ、新浪微博、推特、facebook五种第三方账号登录方式,提供中英日韩四国语言版本,根据用户终端语言检测自动切换,三套精美模板可供选择;同时提供每用户多达20个应用专属附加参数为开发者调用修改,用户信息云存储,灵活调用
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  • c# cookie encryption
Store encrypted data within encoded cookies for use in server-side implementations without requiring sessions.
An HttpModule that will serialize user information to a chunked protected cookie (with MachineKey) and deserialize on every request to a ClaimsPrincipal. Usage: var user = new List<KeyValuePair<string, object>> { new KeyValuePair<string, object>("name", "John Foo"), new KeyValuePair<string,... More information
A Wrapper around the .NET WebClient. This wrapper gives you the oppertunity of getting your data async from a webclient and process the result in specific handlers within the same class, without having all the needed EventHandlers of the .NET WebClient in your class.
MiniState simplifies managing cookie information or other string based property stores. MiniState attempts to minimise the amount of data required to store values, protect values from tampering using HMAC validation, reduce the risk of replay attacks by specifying a valid lifetime of the... More information
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  • javascript cookie
A JavaScript complete framework to work with HTTP cookies!
高德地图Windows Phone API 是一套简单的地图应用开发调用接口,可支持地图显示与操作,兴趣点搜索,地理编码与基站定位等功能;开发者可以轻松地将其嵌入自己的应用程序,并提供稳定的位置及地图应用程序。