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NLog target that supports Blob and table storage in single nuget package. Can use queued batches to greatly improve performance. Recommended to use as a async target.
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  • last updated 4/19/2016
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  • NLog Logging
NLog XML layout and fluent logging.
Log JavaScript errors and other client side events in your NLog server side log. Installs JSNLog and configures it for use with NLog. Use with ASP.NET 4.x.
NLog target for Slack - your logs in one place and instantly searchable, everywhere.
NLog Extensions. [Features] - HipChat Target. - ASP.NET Request Summary Renderer. - Truncate Renderer. If you find bugs or have requests for improvement, contact me. http://github.com/nabehiro/NLog.Extensions
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  • Latest version: 1.0.8
Designed to be used with ASP.NET MVC 3 or greater and Entity Framework 4.* NLog.Mvc provides a Target for NLog that uses a DbContext to write and access log entries. It also includes a NLogHandleError attribute that can be applied to log exceptions.
Community contributed additions to NLog. Specifically, a new MappedDiagnosticsLogicalContext for maintaining diagnostic state across threads including asynchronous contexts. This is similar to ThreadLogicalContext in the log4net library.