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Tools for ASP.WebForms including an URL/Object-Mapper (like O/R for Urls), URL-Generation and error handling for masterpages
Friendly for Store apps. You have to install Codeer.Friendly.Store.Core before use. http://goo.gl/deV0J4 This is a magical library! Codeer.Friendly’s unique feature is being able to operate on all objects. (Other libraries can only operate controls.) It can invoke all methods, properties, and... More information
A library to generate URL previews for friendly URLs, getting the title, thumbnail, and a short description.
A webpage screenshotting .NET library supporting HTML5/CSS3 and fully integrable into an ASP.NET MVC application. Freezer is a single-dll library, check how to use it at https://github.com/haga-rak/Freezer/wiki