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MSBuilder: ThisAssembly.Metadata Information
This package extends MSBuilder.GenerateAssemblyInfo to also generate a static `ThisAssembly.Metadata` class with the `@(AssemblyAttribute)` attributes that have `Include="System.Reflection.AssemblyMetadataAttribute"`. So for an attribute like: [assembly:... More information
ProjectTo allows you to auto map ORM entity classes to your own classes in LINQ queries.
DlhSoft Gantt Chart Library for Windows Forms
Task hierarchy scheduling components for Windows Forms® and .NET 2.0 SP2: Gantt Chart, Load Chart. Main features: Interactive task hierarchy management, and resource load charts; Task bars and dependency lines supporting drag and drop operations; Working time, scales, and zoom level customization;... More information
Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK for .NET
New generation of Aspose Cloud SDK that allows to manipulate or convert Microsoft Project documents hosted on a cloud platform from .NET applications. It allows you to work with all aspects of a Project document including conversion. The API offers a wide range of Microsoft Project export options.... More information
DPB: Dynamic Project Builder
DPB is a tool that allows developers to automatically generate project code. You can add annotations to the code templates, and use DPB to automatically filter or generate code to build a complete new project.
This nuget package adds a convention to Visual Studio projects to allow building .config files depending on environment. For example, if developers has different databases configured in web.config, this package can support each developer with a unique web.config.
Mathos Core Library
* Perform basic and more complex calculations with Fractions. * Convert different units (length, speed, mass, area, volyme), and numeral systems. * Include Coordinates to perform simple and more advanced calculations such as Slope, MidPoint, Distance. * Perform calculations with geometrical shapes... More information
MainBrain Build Project Extension
Injects a specific project with an extension so projects can be easily extended with custom build targets or properties without touching the project file and as a consequence thereof losing control and overview.