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  • tdd nunit
Random custom data generator for testing software.
MvcRouteTester is a .Net library to help unit testing ASP MVC route tables. It contains asserts for for both regular controllers and the Api controllers that are new in MVC 4.0. It is built in .Net 4.0 and ASP MVC 4.0.
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  • NUnit
Fluent NUnit specification extensions that will run under NCrunch, and ReSharper test runners.
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  • nunit
Simple 'Timeout' attribute for NUnit compatible with .Net Core / Standard
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  • Xml XPath NUnit
A library for loosely comparing XML documents, useful for comparing the XML documents used as messages in various specifications and for configuration files. Order of siblings, Namespace prefixes, location of Namespace definition (xmlns attribute), etc. are ignored. This package also contains... More information
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  • test unittest NUnit
Method Chaining base UnitTesting Extension Methods and Dynamic Private Accessor for NUnit. This provides only single .cs file.
NSpectator is a ready-to-use solution for development using .NET with Context/Specification flavor. Toolset is intended to be used to drive development through specifying behavior and interaction at the unit level. NSpectator has no dependencies. Feel free to use any assertion library.
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  • NUnit
An extension to nunit assertions to reflect on lambda expressions passed to an expect method to give better output of what goes wrong on failures, rather than the builtin assertions.
The NunitV2.Core package is aimed at third-party test runners that will normally include the assemblies directly in their own packages. It allows loading and running tests at a fairly low level.
This package includes the NUnit 3.4.1 framework assembly, which is referenced by your tests. It also includes a test runner adapter that is used by TestDriven.Net when executing tests. The adapter is named 'nunit.framework.dll.tdnet' and must live in the same directory as the referenced... More information