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Attention: You must have either X86 or x64 set as your build platform in order to reference these binaries!!! (Any CPU is not supported) A job object allows a group of processes to be managed as a unit. Job objects are namable, securable, sharable objects that control attributes of and assign... More information
xxl-job is a lightweight distributed task scheduling framework, and this package provide an executor client for it. XxlJob.WebApiHost host the job executor in a webapi application.
Base classes for creating ConsoleApplications acting as a runnable Job for eny scheduling system - ConsoleApplication q: info@tnxconsulting.com http://www.antonioesposito.it/2018/01/16/writing-a-local-tcp-listener-with-tnx-applicationjobs-nuget-package-in-a-nutshell/
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  • schedule job
This package includes a Episerver schedule job for reorganizing and rebuilding SQL database index. This package can be installed on CMS or Commerce project.
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  • job worker queue
有后台队列生产管理类,和后台队列的消费管理类 专门用于消息队列,存储队列等队列的管理类 默认是用azure的存储队列。