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WebSocket# provides the WebSocket protocol client and server. It supports: - WebSocket Client and Server - RFC 6455 - Per-message Compression extension - Secure Connection - HTTP Authentication - Query String, Origin header and Cookies - Infinite streaming - .NET 4.5 or later
SocketIO4Net.Client is a C# websocket client for the very popular Socket.IO project by Guillermo Rauch. It leverages the WebSocket4Net client and SuperWebSocket library by Kerry Jiang as the underlying websocket provider. SocketIO4Net.Client can interact with Socket.IO instances in a very similar... More information
The Diffusion .NET Client Library allows interaction with a Diffusion server from any environment that supports .NET Standard 2.0. Clients use a WebSocket connection to send and receive, as well as perform other functions such as adding, removing or updating topics.