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ConfigZilla is a solution for applying transformations to *.config files across an entire solution in a quick and DRY-ish manner. It also provides a GUI for easy encrypting and decrypting of config files.
Routing Configuration
A library that makes it easy to register routes through the .NET configuration files. Supports page routes, MVC, custom routes (IRouteHandler and RouteBase), constraints (RegEx and IRouteConstraint), defaults, parameters and tokens. Written in C# for .NET 4.
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  • ASP.NET web config
Provides configurable web.config section encryption during app start, before global.asax's Application_Start is fired.
Smith Build Extensions
Simple MSBuild Task that helps with maintaining app.config and web.config across multiple projects, and build configurations. Create one app.config/web.config template and share it across multiple projects with different configurations for each build target. Supports * Recursive configuration... More information
SlowCheetah urbanhusky's per-user transform fork
Fork of SlowCheetah with additional per-user (and configuration) transformations. For per-user transform, name your transform-file like {file}.{configuration}.{username}.{extension}. For example: App.Debug.urbanhusky.config. Per-user transformations are applied after per-configuration... More information
Web.Config Transform
Web.Config and log4net.config Transform. In advance, Web.Debug.config, Web.Main.config, Web.Hotfix.config, Web.Release.config, log4net.Debug.config, log4net.Main.config, log4net.Hotfix.config, log4net.Release.config is available. log4net.config file will be included in the Web site... More information
Configuration Transformations
ConfigTransformer can be used for applying custom config transformations (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/dd465326(v=vs.100).aspx) on an xml file passing the transformation file and optionally the output file
ASP.NET 5 configuration provider for System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager compatibility. Changed name to GV.AspNet.Configuration.Contrib.ConfigurationManager, please use the package at https://www.nuget.org/packages/GV.AspNet.Configuration.Contrib.ConfigurationManager/ instead.