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ImageGear for .NET adds enterprise-class image viewing, compression, image processing and editing functions easily to any application, with support for PDF, more than 100 file formats and expanded functionality such as optical character recognition (OCR), barcode recognition, and support for medical... More information
Bonsai Library containing modules for acquiring images from Allied Vision cameras. NOTE: Due to the way that the Vimba.NET SDK is built, Bonsai needs to be run using the command-line flag --noboot when using this package.
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  • last updated 10/13/2020
  • Latest version: 1.1.3
  • Vision Cobol
This library allows you to access Vision File System, for now the Microfocus Extend AcuCobol one
OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for realtime computer vision. OpenCV is released under a BSD license and hence it’s free for both academic and commercial use. It has C++, C, Python and Java (Android) interfaces and supports Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and... More information